I Have Exciting News!

Opening a fantasy tavern where guests can play tabletop roleplaying games with professional Game Masters while enjoying thematic craft brews and food has been a shared dream for many of us, and I’m proud to announce that this dream is coming to fruition in Portland, Oregon. TPK Brewing Co. is opening next year at 5051 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, and you can learn more and sign up to receive updates at

See you in 2023, Portland!

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I’m Dana Ebert—a writer, game designer, and voice actor based in Portland, OR—best known for my contributions to Pathfinder 2e, and voicing Penny in the League of Ultimate Questing: Battle Axis.

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Starfinder Interstellar Species. Paizo, 2022

Pathfinder Bounty #20: Burden in Bloodcove. Paizo, 2022

Pathfinder Lost Omens: Travel Guide. Paizo, 2022

Voice Acting & Voiceover

League of Ultimate Questing: Battle Axis, Slap Dash Studios, 2021-2022
Penny Farthing / Penikos / Additional Voices

Day In The Life (Trans Student), Equity Commons

Rainbow Refugee Charity D&D Event, Roar Cat Reads, 2022
Game Master

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