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The Leyfarer’s Chronicle has officially begun! Come adventure in a ruined world, filled with weavewarped creatures and broken magic, and join over sixty other players as your actions impact how the world of Val’Ruvina changes and grows in real time. Only available at TPK Brewing Co.!

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About Me

I’m Dana Ebert—a writer, game designer, and voice actor based in Portland, OR—best known for my contributions to Pathfinder 2e, and voicing Penelope in the League of Ultimate Questing: Battle Axis.

Character Voice Reel 2023

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Voice Acting & Voiceover

Dungeon City, Slap Dash Studios, 2023
Vivian Dethro

League of Ultimate Questing: Battle Axis, Slap Dash Studios, 2021-2023
Penny Farthing / Additional Voices

A Certain Secret Pride: Oops! All Trans!, Exquisite Corpse, 2023

Transgender Patient in Medicine (Cardiology), Equity Commons, 2023

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